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Monday, 15 January 2018

How to Prepare well for English Comprehension for SSC CGL 2018?

Tier I and II majorly contain comprehension questions that seem to be a headache because they are time-consuming. Even the perfect strategies tend to fail.
One-kind of a story-line-
  • You read the first passage and do not understand 
  • Need to re-read.
  • Then you go into the panic mode because everything is just going over the head.
  • At this moment, you spend a lot of time consoling yourself and your mind to concentrate on the question paper.
  • You end-up either quitting that question or spending way too much time
What scenario we have discussed above is very common among participants. Time for completing around two passages has already gone.
Now, what to do? How to plan in a way this won’t happen to you.

Tier II exam pattern includes 15-20 comprehensions which make this topic of utmost importance.

How to Prepare well for English Comprehension for SSC CGL 2018, SSC preparations 2018, government jobs, English Comprehension for SSC CGL 2018?

My level of English is below average

See, only if you are able to understand the sense of a sentence you are good to go. No doubt that you need to practice a bit more. Analyze that you have 15 questions on English Comprehension for SSC CGL 2018 and you can better concentrate than other candidates and solve questions quickly, you are already ahead of others. Focus on what better traits you have and then start practising on your English part. We have discussed below on how to do that.

My vocabulary part is not up to the level

This is again a misconception that you need to have a good vocabulary to understand and answer these questions. Do not have an inferiority complex in your head and let’s just find out how you can excel.
Ignoring the part or keeping it for the end preparations won’t help at all. You need to spend time on a daily basis.

A foolproof Plan of Action goes like this

Follow these basic guidelines and you would be good to go with English Comprehension for SSC CGL 2018-
Start from the basic – If you remember, school questions had one or two unseen passages.

What is your take on it? - Were you able to answer it easily or had difficulties?

Were you able to answer them easily? – Get yourself previous year questions papers and different reference material for English Comprehension for SSC CGL 2018 and start practising.
Had difficulties? Get an NCERT textbook and start practising on a daily basis.

How to answer during the exam?

During school exam, you might copy the same sentence from the passage and call it an answer. The right way to pen down an answer is moulding author’s sense in your way. Maintaining what author has to say is important.
You would be getting multiple choice questions here and a need to understand author’s feel is more important. There would be options out of which you are going to choose one and chances are two or more sounds like same. More practice is required

How to Prepare well for English Comprehension for SSC CGL 2018, SSC preparations 2018, government jobs, English Comprehension for SSC CGL 2018?

Extra activities to enhance and upgrade you on this topic

Get a reputed English newspaper and read articles. This is the best way to learn by choosing articles of different domains every day. For instance, one day for politics and then go for sports. There is also a section of religion in the middle of the paper, do give it a shot because they have stories in it. You will be able to go with the flow and understand how to read and understand long build stories and paragraphs. Even without knowing the meaning of some words in between the sentence, you would be able to get the sense of what the author wants to say. At this point in time, you will realize and learn the strategy to read, understand and concentrate all at one time. By the time, there won’t be a need to re-read the story and fewer chances of you opening up the dictionary.

Next is watching movies – This is necessary for you to speed up and those English words hit in your mind and you are able to understand. Do not watch one kind of movies and of one culture. Choose Sci-fi, comedy and then American, Indian English movies. Once you are able to get it, the different accents will not be a problem because you understand it clearly.

Watch English News channel – The difference between movies and news channel is the former one makes you aware of all the slangs, tone, and expressions and the latter one will give you an advantage in general ways.


This seems to be too much of work You just have to spend one hour daily on these extra activities. Another important advice here would be not taking these extra activities in a learning way. Watch movies like you regularly watch Hindi movies. This would be it.

Remember that these are extra activities and once you are able to solve English Comprehension for SSC CGL 2018 in your practice tests, you may slowly cut down a bit on this part.

This article is only about the comprehension solutions and you need to have a layout of whole SSC Exam. Extra activities that we have discussed above needs your extra time and this could be for all the subjects. Once you are proficient in solving comprehension, go for other weak subjects/topics and spend more of your time there.

How to Prepare well for English Comprehension for SSC CGL 2018, SSC preparations 2018, government jobs, English Comprehension for SSC CGL 2018?

Do not overdo any subject/topic

Your long-term goal is to crack the SSC exam. Stick to your plan through these short-term objectives. By not overdoing, we mean not spending more than required time and energy on one goal. 

Always think and plan broadly by maintaining the standard and need. Standard could be decided as per the syllabus which you need to go through. 

It could be more than others due to the large syllabus or more queries like we discussed for English Comprehension for SSC CGL 2018. Take up different subjects and allot yourself a maximum time by giving deadlines. If you are able to cover the syllabus within a deadline, do not spend more time and move further on next. Even if you think you can do better. 

Anyway and in any field, there is always a space for betterment. What you need to do is ignore this feeling otherwise your syllabus cannot be completed. Once it is complete, then go for the improvements.

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