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Monday, 15 January 2018

How to Prepare well for English Aptitude for SSC CGL 2018

Every participant of SSC might have one or two subjects in which they are weak or are scared of. Do not ignore it in any situation: if you think it is easy and does not require much attention or if you think it needs your extra attention, thus leaving it for the end.

We will discuss how to cope up with this situation by having an excellent strategy and focusing mainly on English Aptitude for SSC CGL 2018.

Getting hitched to the latest news through official website is mandatory.

Recently SSC has notified all the candidates about lowering of tier-I cut-off marks. This is due to a technical glitch and because few of the answers need to be revised. The cut-off is not suspected to be same in future. SSC will bring out the notification regarding the same most probably. Sometimes we see there is a change in test centres, syllabus, revised results of which every candidate needs to be updated with. You might get the updates if you are into some coaching but other than that, do not cut yourself completely from outside world. 

Make time for outdoor activities which will eventually help you in studying efficiently.
Study pattern is completely your way but schedule your daily routine in an optimistic way. By being optimistic we mean not pushing yourself too hard and neither sitting in the corner of the room the whole day. It won’t help at all and on the other hand, take your spirit away at any low moment.

Let’s start by focusing on English aptitude for SSC CGL 2018 and side by side make a healthy schedule

SSC has exam pattern with four tiers out of which English comes in first three tiers and no doubt becomes an important subject to cover. Subject is broadly divided into following major categories-

Reading Comprehension
Verbal ability

Out of all the above categories, the verbal ability only appears in tier II and some other parts as well which we are going to discuss below.

Vocabulary includes –

Out of all these topics, students on a large-scale have issues with synonyms and antonyms and rest of the parts can be covered in practice. 

HOW TO CRACK? A basic trick is to divide the word and check if you are familiar with it. Most of the times, it is easy to crack the correct answer. Furthermore, two options out of four would be suited as an answer and to your surprise, both are correct but you need to choose which is the best and nearest to the problem word. Sounds tricky but not difficult. Practice is the key here.

Initially, most of your answers would be incorrect but once you get the trick, it will be easy to crack.

Vocabulary part also contains cloze test which only comes in tier II and rest all are equally divided. This way you don’t have to worry about the time management of tier II preparations.

Grammar comprises of-

For this part, you need to go through the basic grammar rules followed by regular practice. There is no need to completely go through the grammar, just some rules overview would suffice. Give more focus on practice. 

HOW TO CRACK? Here is the trick, once you are doing a practice test and are stuck in something you don’t know, quickly go through the grammar guidelines. It is an easy and more efficient way because practice test contains all types of questions and you surely won’t miss a thing.

Reading comprehension

It is easy but time-consuming. Unlike our school exams where we used to get only one or two unseen passages, here we got five in tier I and 15-20 in tier II. Process of answering goes like-
  • Reading the comprehension(once or twice sometimes),
  • Understanding it,
  • Reading the questions
  • And again reading the comprehension to find the answer.
HOW TO CRACK? What we need to do is skip some of the steps and lessen the time in other steps.

Try to read the passage and understand it once. And the time you will be reading the questions, you should know where the answer is. This is a two-step success, you just need to read and understand it at the first time.

Do not panic by seeing large passages due to which every word will just go over your head. That is why, going through the exam pattern of English Aptitude for SSC CGL 2018 is must, so you turn out to be all prepared for all types of questions.

Verbal Ability includes-

This only comes in tier II and is again time-consuming but looking at it as an easy task is a misconception. Sometimes guesswork comes as a success and the sentence order seems all correct, however, not in all the cases. Probability is lesser because you need to understand if guesswork would be working, SSC won’t make this a part of tier II English Aptitude for SSC CGL 2018.

We have covered complete syllabus and the points to remember as well. Other than that, in every section, we have focused on one important point and that is practice. Sometimes it is difficult to practice on your own and you do not even get to analyze your level in a broader view. For this go for mock tests.

There are two ways of taking up mock tests – one is breaking the syllabus into half and taking up tests in between and the second option is covering the whole syllabus of tier I once and then go for mock tests. Make sure that you spend equal time in both the process. The first mock test would be just to get your level and accordingly study for the second test. Let’s suppose the first test went wrong horribly, you will be able to encourage yourself and study more rigorously for the second. These tests let you compete with yourself and by crossing every leap, you came out more confident and ambitious.

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