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Saturday, 13 January 2018

How to Prepare well for GK for SSC CGL 2018?

General awareness is the trickiest part to handle when preparing for SSC exams. If you are the one who says questions in the exam did not come from what you have studied, then the problem lies in your study material, plan of action and the sources. There are no specific rules to follow while studying GK for SSC CGL 2018 and it is your common sense which is helpful while answering the questions.

You all might have watched KBC. Once a question has been put up, contender sums up all the facts they know already and then come to the conclusion. If your facts are right, then your concluded answer would surely be correct. An example in this matter is the question asked in KBC once was to tell about the service being largely available in India and the options were post office, courier and two more. Contestant took few seconds and quickly said post offices, by the fact that all villages have post offices but not courier or other services; and India has more villages than cities/towns. This is all presence of mind that by reading the question your mind should evaluate it like this.

How to Prepare well for GK for SSC CGL 2018, GK for SSC CGL 2018

Let’s move further on the syllabus pattern of GK for SSC CGL 2018

General awareness consists of static GK (58%), Science (37%) and others (5%). Static GK comprises of following topics and usually 1-2 questions are being asked from every title. The number of questions for Geography and Indian history is 2-3.

Indian history
Geography (Indian and World both)
Science concludes following topics in which the number of questions does not exceed by 2 except for physics which has been seen 3 in some previous questions papers. It seems to be difficult for non-science background and for those participants their emphasis should be more on common topics like nutrition, disease and biology.

Computer and Mobile technology
Physics + Space Science

'Other' section comprises the following 3 titles. Many of other government competitive exams are focusing more on current affairs but SSC CGL has lowered this to 5% of the total. Do not try to skip this part because it is easy to learn current affairs. Make your daily routine to watch the news and keep hooked on the current and latest affairs happening around the world.

Current affairs
Important dates, portfolios, and schemas
Miscellaneous GK for SSC CGL 2018 – books, sports etc.

Now, that we have segregated the pattern, our next move is to collect study material. Here is a tip for all the contenders: never invest too much of your time in research like ‘what to study’ and ‘how to study’. Have trustworthy sources with you and keep yourself stable throughout your study.

How not to distract during the preparation?

GK for SSC CGL 2018
Here we are talking about the psychological trauma you get like thinking that you can’t do it after few days. Just because you aren’t able to learn and tend to forget things does not make you less competitive or less intelligent as compared to others. That’s why we said it early in our discussion as well that plan of action has to be strong. Like in every situation strong foundation leads to success, same way strong foundation here means a perfect strategy with good sources of books and online material. Read further to get note of books for GK for SSC CGL 2018.

An excellent tip to get rid of concentration problems that leads to good memory

Try to remember the time you last studied a particular topic and forgot. You just have to revise before that time and you make this a habit. This also occurs because when we study our mind is running multiple other channels in the background. Let’s take 15-30 days and try to revise more often even if you are not able to cover all the targeted topics. After the said time you will be able to concentrate fully and the need for revision will be 1 time in a day. Remember that revision is a mandate.

A perfect strategy and excellent sources are the main ingredients of our winning recipe

We are focusing on general awareness section where if you try to find the sources it is like an ocean. Rather than trying to float here and there, just stick to some handy reference material and previous year question papers. Previous year papers won’t be helpful in current affairs though we always suggest reading them so as to get relevance and narrow down your topics of study.

Some of the GK FOR SSC CGL 2018 study material includes-
  • Tamil Nadu State Education Board textbooks of class 11 and 12
  • NCERT Textbooks for Social Science Class 7 to 10 and for Geography Class 11, 12
  • NCERT’s Economy book of Class 11 (India’s Economy & Development)
  • NCERT textbooks of Science from class 6 to 10

This is a basic storyline of the whole scenario

SSC CGL exam has been conducted to select the best candidates which are capable of taking up the rank of section officers. For this, the selection committee needs all of the participants to have a strong base and in that ways, textbooks are of great help. Furthermore, they also demand all of the participants to be smart, have a good IQ and be able to handle things individually. These are some of the personality traits one should have and general awareness section is one where your presence of mind works. Accordingly, there are other sections which have been modified in a way that academic and mental skills both can be analyzed. The one who is able to come out with the best he/she has is the winner in the end.

You might get the point of us making you understand the whole scenario that works and in the above paragraph that talks about being quick can be made more proficient by involving yourself in mock tests. Take these mock tests as much as you can and not only at the end of syllabus but in between the preparation to get an overview of your level. This way you can do some alterations in your strategies that work better.

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