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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

SSC CGL Exam 2018 Syllabus

38.04 lakh candidates have registered for 2017 CGL exams out of which only 1.49lakh qualified for the Tier II exam as per SSC notice on the official website. Candidates would again be filtered as per the Tier II eligibility criteria and this way exam pattern consists of four tiers. The data is to make a clear view of the competition every single candidate has to face. You can imagine the increase in SSC CGL Online Exam 2018.

Overview - Each year candidates increases including the re-appears as well, so the competition is tough for first-time aspirants. Maximum age for the attempts is 30 years which is even more relaxed in the category of OBC(33 years), SC/ST(35 years) and physically handicapped(40 years).

After getting an overview of these facts, it is imperative that you need to have a precise plan of action.

Set your target for one competitive exam

If you are the one who is preparing for government exam and not specifically for SSC CGL Online Exam 2018, make sure you have ample time. Let’s say CGL and IBPS exams, both have different patterns of general awareness. When SSC CGL Exam 2018 Syllabus has emphasized more on static GK, banking study, on the other hand, needs you to study current affairs.

Get a print-out of the syllabus and pin it somewhere in your study room or paste the same into sticky notes on your computer, so it is always handy.

Mode of SSC CGL Online Exam 2018 is online. Due to the examination being conducted online, sometimes questions are not visible for which SSC follow-up with the complaints and then compensates through an official notice. There is nothing to worry about that. In 2017 tier I exam there were 3 candidates charged with cheating and strict action has been taken and that may include exam ban.

Tier I Structure-
SSC CGL Exam 2018 Syllabus, SSC CGL Online Exam 2018

A fruitful and result drawing tip here would be getting yourself involved in only limited but top sources to grab everything in SSC CGL Exam 2018 Syllabus. Collect the study material as well as previous questions papers and start studying from the day one. Do not procrastinate and to cope up with that, you could involve yourself in some online tutorials or weekend classes. Full-time classes are not worth it because tutors there would be feeding your brain with the lots and lots of data every day. Making a head to head catch-up with the tutor isn’t even possible for the beginners. Self-study is the most trustworthy medium to crack any competitive exam.

Tier II Structure
SSC CGL Exam 2018 Syllabus, SSC CGL Online Exam 2018

Coming to Tier II, do not ever think that you are going to study this after you get selected for Tier I of SSC CGL Online Exam 2018. You won’t get enough time for this. Instead, your plan of action should majorly include tier I and II syllabus both. And, if you actually look at the SSC CGL Exam 2018 Syllabus, it is somehow an extended version of Tier I. Tier I decides the aptitude of the candidates and filters the one with right kind of perception. On the other hand, the second exam grabs the one with a level of intelligence and more importantly who are quick with figures and data.

Negative Marking –

Tier I - 0.50 for each wrong answer

Tier II- 0.25 for each wrong answer in paper II (English Language & Comprehension) of Tier-II and 0.50 for each wrong answer in Paper-I, Paper III and Paper IV of Tier II

Save yourself from not getting hit by negative marking just by a simple method of probability

Your thought process from the starting of the exam should be analytical.
  1. There would be questions you know the best answer or know the method to solve.
  2. There would be questions you have heard of and might get the answer if you stress more about your brain.
  3. Last, there would be questions completely out of your mind
Do not take risks with the third one and just completely omit that or leave it for the last minute revision.

Tier III Structure-
SSC CGL Exam 2018 Syllabus, SSC CGL Online Exam 2018

If you are reading the SSC CGL Exam 2018 Syllabus thoroughly, you might have noticed that there is a pattern. Second levels are somehow related to the first. Now, look at this one and if you study well for English Language comprehensions, this part would not be a trouble for you.

If you are more proficient in Hindi writing, opt that as well. There is no difference in the marking of Hindi and English because that’s what most of the candidates think and choose English. Even government departments do not distinguish between the two and employees work as per their expertise in the language. Also, it won’t filter the departments at the time of joining.

Tier IV Structure of SSC CGL Online Exam 2018 involves skill test or computer proficiency and typing test and is completely based on the post one has applied for.

The objective here is to simply check the candidate’s know-how with Ms-word, Excel and PowerPoint. The exam includes 15 minutes test for each and the pattern is notified on the official website only.

Now, that you have got the idea of SSC CGL Exam 2018 Syllabus, start the preparations, so that you do not lack behind. Instead be ahead and watch yourself revising the syllabus on time.

Strategy is to develop yourself professionally

Another heads-up here would be when your spirit gets a low turn studying for SSC CGL Online Exam 2018. Basically, after studying diligently for some time, aspirants tend to lack interest or probably think it is not worth it. Do not move into that flow and be focus and firm on your decision. Make shorter goals like study every day and revise the same at the end of the day. In a week, just check out your speed if you going too slow and do the alterations. 

You should study extended hours at the beginning to get a hold on to this schedule and later on change as per your plan of action.

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